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We help business owners grow and achieve the American dream


At Smart Money EPS (SME), we simplify the transactions at the heart of a business. With our extensive portfolio of payment processing solutions, we streamline commerce and empower the business owner to focus on strategic growth initiatives. Every day, merchants across the United States rely on SME to provide elegant, cutting-edge and cost-effective payment solutions to enable business owners to improve their customer experience and flourish in the dynamic world of new-age commerce.


SME anticipates and recognizes the needs and challenges of independent business owners. We work to provide intuitive support and exceptional service to our customers. We’re with your business at every step, to be a trustworthy, transparent and reliable partner and to help your business thrive. For every business type, size, industry and duration of operation – SME can help you reach and retain more customers and achieve constant growth.


Here at SME, we recognize that the right team makes all the difference. So when it comes to providing impeccable financial solutions with unparalleled customer service, SME has the best team players with nearly 40 years of experience in the financial industry. We’re backed by the strength and stability of Wells Fargo & Co., the third largest commercial bank in the U.S.

Our payment processing and consulting services let a business owner benefit optimally from daily transactions and frees direct time and resources to engage in business growth. Even as we continue to grow, we treat each new client as if our only. This devotion to customer service and client interest is apparent in each interaction you will have with us.


Our values-driven company philosophy comes from our President and CEO, Sean Agrawat. A gifted computer engineer with over 30 years of business experience, Sean is a seasoned entrepreneur and a customer champion. An immigrant entrepreneur, Sean understands the American dream, having worked to achieve it for himself. SME’s clients identify with his tremendous discipline, incredible work ethic and ingenuity, an example to all SME employees.

The core values that drive us at SME are –

Visionary Leadership: We believe in decisive action and futuristic innovation.

Integrity: We insist on mindful honesty and uncompromising integrity.

Customer-centric Growth: We focus on the customer – the center of every business.

To experience our personal attention and to speak with a live person, please call us toll-free at 1-888-808-0086.

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